300 Boats Sold for Scruffie Marine

Brisbane boatbuilder Scruffie Marine announce their 300th boat – a Stornaway 18 kit for a Gold Coast customer. Director Derek Ellard says “Actually I thought we hit 300 a while back but my counting skills reflect my optimism – Annette’s are merely accurate!”

So 300 it is with the Stornaway-18 leading the sales race on 75 closely followed by Shimmy-12 on 72. Not bad for a niche market builder and a nice 20th Birthday present. Ellard again “While most of our sales are kits, we do lots of ready to sail custom built boats – there’s a nice open Stornaway just finishing in our yard right now. “

Like most manufacturers these Queensland designer-builders have endured a slow sales period but their prospects are good with kit sales on the rise again. Ellard says that “the less hectic pace has given us time to refine production techniques and continue to research the new solar-electric and solar-sail GRP versions.”

“We are confident that our boats will be a successful part of the future boating industry.” With 300 sales under their belts, we can only agree.

Derek Ellard can be contacted by visiting the Scruffie profile page on Yacht and Boat