3000th Volunteer Member Signs Up For Marine Rescue Nsw


Marine Rescue NSW Commissioner Glenn Finniss announced today (9 February 2011) the recruitment of the organisation’s 3,000th member.  Commissioner Finniss said, “This is a significant milestone and represents a 33% increase in the number of Marine Rescue volunteers in NSW”.

This achievement is an historic occasion and reflects well upon the committed and dedicated members of Marine Rescue NSW – from the volunteers who man the radios around the clock, the men and women who crew our rescue vessels, through to the fund-raisers, support volunteers and other members who help us to help others. 

The NSW boating public can take comfort that there is such a large group of people whose sole intent is their safety on our state’s waterways.

“Now for the next 1,000 members.” said Commissioner Finniss. “Boating continues to grow in NSW and there are plenty of opportunities for more Marine Rescue volunteers. Every week so far this year, and we’ve only just passed the 6th weekend of 2011, every one of our more than 50 units has provided emergency assistance to people in trouble on the waterways.”

Commissioner Finniss said, “This has ranged from Marine Rescue Water Ambulance evacuations for two patients on different days, both suffering chest pains on boats in Refuge Bay on Sydney’s Cowan Creek; urgent assistance for two teenagers, also in separate incidents, on the South Coast, both with suspected spinal injuries; an offshore search for a yachtsman lost overboard from his boat in severe weather conditions on the NSW north coast and numerous emergency tows for boats with mechanical or electrical problems.”

See the website www.marinrescuensw.com.au for more about the activities of Marine Rescue NSW. Start the ball rolling on the next 1,000 volunteer members of Marine Rescue NSW and click on the “Want to be a volunteer” icon on the front page