7th Annual Seawind Whitsunday Rally a Dream Run

The 7th annual Seawind Whitsunday Rally wrapped up last weekend at Hamilton Island as the fleet celebrated a dream run in perfect Whitsunday weather. The week long event hosted by Australian distributors for Seawind, Multihull Central, guides the Seawind fleet of luxury catamarans around a selection of the best islands and resorts in the Whitsundays incorporating social racing and onshore challenges, parties and dining.  

The Whitsunday Rally attracts sailors from far and wide and this year was no different, with many crew travelling from interstate around Australia and internationally as far as Dubai. Many of the boats were chartered from Airlie Beach where sponsors Whitsunday Escape and Cumberland Charter Yachts are based with a large selection of Seawind Catamarans available to hire. Other Seawinds sailed from as far south as Brisbane for the event, before they head further north for other cruising adventures including the new Seawind 1250 “Wind of Change” that flew around the course.  
From Blind Man Dinghy racing, to Hawaiian parties and karaoke, the Seawind ‘family’ sure know how to have a good time and fulfilling their sailing dreams along the way. The welcoming nature of the Seawind Cruising Club allows sailors with all experience levels to get involved, with Multihull Central team members providing coaching for customers that are sailing cats for the first time. Local Airlie Beach sales representative Graeme Nolan, assisted a couple new to catamarans by providing advice and tips along the way through the Whitsundays.
Seawind have been running club regattas and rallies since the company’s inception over 30 years ago, however in recent years the Cruising Club Series has lead the way in bringing customers and Seawind cats together all around the country and overseas, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, the Whitsundays, California, Mexico and the Bahamas.  As the events are exclusive to Seawinds, racing is always close and exciting, yet fun and friendly.
And the winners are:
Beach Activities:  1st "LadyL II" Konnie Apps;  
2nd "Xtasea" Kevin Lord;
3rd "Licensed to Keel" Scott Carlile
Line Honors:        1st "Wind of Change" Brett Hodder
2nd "Xtasea" Kevin Lord
3rd "licensed to Keel" Scott Carlile
Handicap:             1st "Licensed to Keel" Scott Carlile
2nd "Wind of Change" Brett Hodder
3rd "Seawindow" Richard Fothergill
Rally Champion: 1st "LadyL II" Konnie and Colin Apps
2nd "Licensed to Keel" Scott Carlile
3rd "Wind of Change" Brett Hodder
To get involved with the Seawind Cruising Club Series, visit www.seawindcats.com