A new beginning on board Janus

Robe, South Australia: Love at first sight has led to a new beginning for Adrian and Joanne de Bruin who took delivery of their new Riviera 445 SUV, Janus, in late December 2012.
Not only is the 445 SUV Adrian and Joanne’s first Riviera, it is also their first boat and Riviera’s 5000th boat.
Aptly named Janus after the Roman God of new beginnings and transitions, the new 445 SUV represents a new beginning for Adrian and Joanne who have enjoyed many new experiences on board and look forward to their future boating experiences.
“My father used to call me Janus, which is also the Roman God of the past and the future, so it seemed a very fitting name for our new boat,” he said.
Having never owned a boat before, Adrian had no intentions of buying a boat, let alone a brand new Riviera.
“A friend of ours was looking to buy a brokerage boat and the local Riviera dealer showed us a few second hand boats.  I wasn’t really interested in boats but we were convinced to have a very quick look at the new 445 SUV moored at Holdfast Shores. A little later that afternoon I phoned the dealer and told him that I would take the boat and for him to get it ready to take to Robe,” Adrian said.
“I don’t know a great deal about boats but I liked the design and layout of the 445, especially how the saloon opens out to the cockpit, which is great for onboard entertaining.
“The interesting thing is I never would have bought a boat.  It was a spur of the moment decision and I have not regretted it.  I guess being the 5000th boat, I have been fortunate enough to buy a little piece of Riviera history, and the boat is somewhat of a legend.
“I’m really quite chuffed and so far, so good.”
Adrian and Joanne usually live in Mount Gambier, which is located some 450 kilometres south east of Adelaide in South Australia.  They have a beach house in the beautiful town of Robe, an idyllic and quaint fishing port and a fantastic holiday destination only about one-and-a-half hours north of Mt Gambier and easily accessible from Adelaide.
The de Bruin’s spend their summers in Robe and have moored their new Riviera in the marina there, which makes it simple and perfect for summer boating with family and friends.
Adrian said he was a little apprehensive the first time he took his Riviera out by himself, but the locals and the team at R Marine South Australia had been very helpful in giving him confidence and showing him how to operate his new boat.
“It really is a very easy boat to control, especially for a novice like me,” he said.
“It’s also a lovely party boat, well designed and quiet and very simple to dock.
“We are still getting used to the boat so we haven’t taken her too far afield but instead enjoy day cruises around the Bay with family and friends.  We enjoy entertaining with swimming from the boat and barbecues on board. Family and friends love coming out with us for a day trip.
“It is very pleasant on board and we look forward to enjoying many more special moments and summer holidays with family and friends.”
Since the launch of the new 445 in August last year, 10 boats or more than one boat per month has been sold in Australia and the US.
Janus = God of beginnings: In ancient Roman religion and mythology, Janus (Latin: Ianus) is the god of beginnings and transitions,[1] thence also of gates, doors, doorways, endings and time. He is usually a two-faced god since he looks to the future and the past. The month of January was named in honor of Janus by the Romans. (Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopaedia)