A super yacht of 15,20 meter

LOOSDRECHT – The Aqua-Rolls “Centurion”, having a total length of 15,2 meter, is the first mini super yacht in the world. Complete with gyro stabilizer, a double air conditioning system and its own drinking water supply system. ‘It may sound strange, but it is indeed a mini super yacht’, says Menno Luijer, owner of Mogano Shipbuilding. ‘When it comes to finishing, details, luxury, comfort, safety and technology the Aqua-Rolls can compete with a super yacht.’

This was also the express wish of the customer, who is quite used to luxury and comfort. For example,  he drives a Rolls-Royce and for many years he was also the owner of a 30 meters long super yacht. However, the customer prefers to sail the yacht himself, rather than have a crew do it for him. So he asked me to build a new but much smaller super yacht. The result is the Aqua-Rolls “Centurion”, a joint design of the customer, Mogano Shipbuilding and naval architect Vripack.’


Safety, comfort and luxury

‘In case  my kids sail with the “Centurion” and hit a rock at full speed, I want the yacht to stay afloat and intact.’ This was an absolute requirement  of the customer. ‘Which is why  we have chosen for a high-tech carbon fiber hull consisting of carbon and vinylester resin’, says Luijer. ‘The sandwich construction of 10 mm carbon fiber, 15 mm balsa wood and 6 mm carbon fiber resulting in a hull of extraordinary strength, 11 times more stiff and with a five times higher flexural strength than is usual  for seagoing yachts. That’s the reason why the owner has chosen the name “Centurion”, a reference to the indestructible British tank of the same name.”

The comfort is a result of  the technical facilities. ‘Usually  only super yachts are equipped with a gyro stabilizer. This instrument ensures that on board the effects of the lateral waves are being neutralized. This stabilizer offers an  anti-roll solution for waves up to a height of 3,5 meters.’ Most of the technical installations are double installed, such as the pumps, the drinking water supply system and the air conditioning system. If one breaks down, the backup installation takes over immediately.’

A particular detail is the hydraulic gangway. ‘Specially designed and built for the “Centurion”’, says Luijer.  ‘It’s a gangway with such a great  capacity that it can  be used as a hydraulic crane. With a loading capacity of over 1.000 kilo it is capable of placing  the Williams RIB out of the water directly onto the swimming platform. The gangway is built in cooperation with the firm “Sven Krook” who was also responsible for all the stainless steel supplies.’



The “Centurion” is a one-off, a unique design commissioned by the owner, who was constantly and closely involved in the construction of the “Centurion”. ‘It took the team of Mogano Shipbuilding one and a half years to complete the “Centurion” from the basic idea until launching.  I was present at the yard at least twice a week to discuss the progress and any required changes.’ An AutoCAD drawing, made by the owner himself, was the basis of the design. ‘During the following discussions the design became more and more detailed and in the end the final design of Vripack was ready. This design served as the basis for the construction of the “Centurion” and any later changes required by me were discussed and executed during construction. This is really a one-off in which all my wishes and ideas have been incorporated.’



Mogano Shipbuilding was founded in 1990 by Menno Luijer and a partner. After six years Luijer took over all shares and become sole proprietor. Over the years Mogano Shipbuilding designed and built motor yachts for third parties like the Scherpel flat boat and the Captain’s Sloop for Wajer Watersport. The yard also built all Brandaris Longboats and made designs like the Mogano Launch Boats. Furthermore the team took care of many boat restorations and built many one-off motor yachts. The Aqua-Rolls “Centurion” is, until now, the largest motor yacht built by Mogano Shipbuilding.

‘I am extremely proud of the cooperation with this customer’, says Luijer. ‘Ten years ago I built  a clinker built copper riveted flat boat of 11 meter length for him. A few years later we discussed a new design but we had such a big order backload at that time, that the project had to be put on hold. After I had increased our workforce I contacted the customer and things got moving again resulting in the new design of the Aqua-Rolls “Centurion”.’


More one-off’s

The customer is excited about the result. ‘Menno Luijer and his team, assisted by technical specialists of other companies, have built a fantastic yacht. A yacht that rivals my Rolls-Royce and a yacht that rivals a super yacht.  I’m not the only one who says so. It’s also the opinion of other people who have seen and sailed the “Centurion”. Therefore I have decided to market the Aqua-Rolls. Sales will be taken care of by De Valk and it goes without saying that Mogano Shipbuilding will be involved in the construction of these yachts.’


Specifications Aqua-Rolls “Centurion”

Length overall                                   15,20 meter

Width overall                                       3,95 meter

Draught                                              0,90 meter

Displacement                                    12      tons

Fuel tank                                          2 x 300 litre

Drinking water  tank                           300 litres

Waste water tank                               200 litre

Maximum speed                                45 kilometers

Hull                                                  sandwich construction, vinylester/carbon and balsa wood

Main engines & generators                  2 x 285 hp Steyr diesel

                                                       Each engine is equipped with a 4,5 kVa flywheel generator

                                                       11 Kw Solo generator

Number of berths                               6                             

                                                       Owners cabin with double bed

                                                       Guest cabin with double bed

                                                       Outer cabin with two single beds