Action Corrosion is debuting three products at Sanctuary Cove

Action Corrosion                                                

Exhibitor Action Corrosion is debuting three products in the marine market at Sanctuary Cove – Action Clear Coat, Action Rust Removal Gel and Action Vapour Guard.

Both products are produced in Australia from the company’s South Tweed Heads base. Action Clear Coat is a hard-drying protective coating to stop corrosion on all metal boat fittings.

This has been used for years to protect metal fittings at beachfront properties. It is UV and salt spray resistant, cold tolerant, and protects and maintains colour in plastic and fibreglass.

Action Rust Removal Gel can be brushed onto vertical surfaces to dissolve rust in 20 minutes. Action Vapour Guard is a spray that protects the electronics in computers and televisions in seaside environments.