Affordable, fixed thermal night vision has arrived

Marine electronics and navigation specialist, Errol Cain has supervised the installation of marine electronic systems into thousands of Riviera luxury cruisers in his 27 years experience.  In this issue, Errol talks about Raymarine’s affordable, fixed thermal night vision cameras.
Raymarine, the only marine electronics manufacturer with their own range of Thermal Image cameras, has just completed the Thermal Camera range with the newly released T200. The eight options available in the T200 series adds to the 14 existing night vision cameras in the Raymarine range to offer a total of 22 Thermal Image products. From hand held, fixed, single payload, dual payload, gyro stabilisation and tracking cameras, Raymarine have a camera for every situation.
The new T200 has many of the much more expensive PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) camera features for a fraction of the cost. Following are a few features of the new T200;
  • standard or high definition
  • 9hz or 25hz
  • NTSC or Pal
  • 2 x zoom (standard def), 2 x and 4 x zoom (high def)
  • human detection at 1500 feet
  • small craft at 4200 feet
  • reverse image mode
  • 5 colour pallets
With the T200 being fixed, there is no additional controllers to find dash space for and at a similar price to a colour Radar, the T200 is perfect for the occasional night boater with safety in mind.
Night Vision can be fitted to any of the other big brands like Furuno, Garmin or Simrad, however this needs to be a 3rd party camera. The most popular and well respected 3rd party camera is the FLIR (forward looking infrared) brand which is the parent company of Raymarine.
Some of the larger camera features include such technologies as on screen control (swipe the display to move the camera), slew to cue, target tracking, 2 axis gyro stabilisation, 360 degree PTZ and built in de-icing.
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