AiroDock inflatable docking system launches in Australia

AiroDock Launches into Australia!

The launch of AiroDock* has been well received at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and from all accounts the future is very positive.

This simple idea is like no other giving an easy and cost effective solution for a temporary dock, duckboard extension, and even a seaplane walkway in just minutes.

The AiroDock* has the ability to be used for so much more than this as it is so transportable, manageable and easy all you need to do to set it up the AiroDock* is pull it out of the bag and inflate and in under twenty minutes you can have your own temporary wharf or jetty or floating island and then after use just release the air, roll up and put away till next time or put it in the boot of your car and take it to the next destination, and all this can be handled by one person.

The AiroDock* is made by Lancer Industries Ltd a leading inflatable boat building company with over 35 years of experience in inflatable boat production. Lancer’s Johny Winstone says that the AiroDock* has come along way since its initial launch at the Auckland International Boat Show with new features such as a handrail and also improved stability.

The AiroDock* was one of the talked about stands at the Auckland International Boat Show which urged Lancer Industries Ltd to bring the AiroDock* to Australian shores to launch it into the Australian market.

The AiroDock* was originally designed for use as a temporary jetty or wharf but has now been adapted to work as an extension on your duck board for big or small yachts and launches and also ideal for dam and river use and because it can be customized to suit each customer it means that you will get the perfect set up for your needs.

Lancer Industries Ltd has a reputation for building high quality inflatable boats and is proud to put there name behind this new product that is starting to take off and with talks of releasing it into America and Canada by next year.

Airo Dock Floating Dock System in Surf