All Haines Group Boats are now foam filled as standard

The Haines Group manufacture 3 boat brands from it’s factory in SE Queensland.  All 2011 Signature, Traveller and Seafarer boats (moulded from 1st October 2010) are now foam filled as standard.

Foam filling is the process of injecting the unseen air cavities of a boat with an expandable foam.  The Haines group use a ‘closed cell foam’ which as the name suggests will not absorb water and is known as the best available on the market.

Foam filling has four main advantages in a boat:

–        SAFETY: It adds floatation which means your boat is more buoyant.

–        SAFETY: If you puncture a compartment it will not fill up with water.

–        COMFORT: Foam filling also insulates the cockpit from running surface on the water which means reduced noise levels.  Fibreglass boats are already renowned for their smooth and quiet ride but this addition of foam makes them even better.

–        COMFORT: It reduces vibration at the helm, particularly noticeable with 2-stroke outboards.

With some of the driest riding, toughest, best built and safest boats on the market already, foam filling has been an option on all Haines Group boats since the technology became available.  It is now added as standard on new boats at no extra cost for all 2011 manufactured boats (1st October 2011 and beyond).

Greg Haines from The Haines Group said “All our boats have always been exceptional value for money but this new addition of foam filling as standard is giving even more to our customers, in over 50 years of building  boats the Haines family have never compromised on build quality.  The excellent resale value for our hulls and thousands boats on the water around Australia is testament to that.”