Allpower Marine appoints Lombardini dealers

Allpower Marine, recently appointed distributor for Lombardini Marine into the Australian market has appointed dealers for the brand.

Total Quality Marine Engineering in Sydney, Seapower Marine on the Gold Coast, Marine Power in Brisbane and Sealink Marine in Melbourne will now retail the Italian brand in their respective regions.

Allpower Marine Business Development Manager Mark Harrison says these long established and experienced marine dealers will help further grow the brand.

“We are very excited to grow the brand in Australia. Appointing these dealers will be key to helping the brand develop in Australia, we will look to appoint more dealers throughout Australia in the near future,” says Harrison.

“Since we were appointed as distributor for the brand, we have been taking expressions of interest from a wide range of dealers who want to become part of the Lombardini family here in Australia. We will be evaluating these options in the coming weeks and months and will look to make further announcements of the expanding dealer network.”

Recently appointed dealer, Sealink Marine in Melbourne also distributes Allpower Marine’s Hyundai SeasAll range of marine diesel engines in Australia and Managing Director Simon Carter says Lombardini will compliment the Korean brand.

“The Lombardini range of engines is a good fit with the Hyundai SeasAll marine diesels we already sell with great success. With Hyundai SeasAll currently having a range of engines from 125hp through to 500hp, Lombardini will fill the gap below that range and enable us to offer a wider selection of engines to our customers.”

The new dealers will be retailing the Lombardini’s range of sail drive’s engines from 13hp through to 87hp. Alongside these engines, Lombardini dealers will also be able to offer the Lombardini range of generators which start at 4KVA versions through to 18KVA.

In October, Allpower Marine conducted a three-day training course for the new Lombardini dealers bringing in Marco Giraldi a service specialist from Lombardini in Italy to oversee and conduct proceedings.

Such is the growth that Allpower Marine is experiencing, that the company is expanding its personnel line-up with the recent advertisement for another business development manager in Australia.

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