Amphibians Pro X-treme

The Amphibian Pro Series X-treme raises the bar on the original Amphibian range with an increase in brightness by 75%! The A12Pro X-treme underwater light rivals any 50 watt Xenon on the market and with 8 times the power savings.

The Amphibian Pro Series is for underwater use only however, due to its Active Thermal Control, a built-in temperature monitoring system, they can be used while under way

For boats up to 65′ (20m)
3/8” (9mm) Hole
Equal to 50w Xenon
40,000+ Hour Life
Chemically Resistant Polymer
Tritonium Lens Resists Sea Growth
1300 Fixture Lumens
12vDC: 1.8A
24vDC: 0.9A