An Evolution In Dry In Water Mooring


Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of scraping, cleaning and painting your boat’s hull? And have you ever wondered what affect that anti-fouling paints that kill barnacles have on other marine life and our waterways? Well, if these issues concern you then take a closer look at the BoatBunker Evolution – a state-of-the-art DRY in-water mooring station that not only eliminates the need to ever clean or anti-foul your hull again but is much better for the environment as well.

The Australian made BoatBunker Evolution has been designed to be the most effective and affordable dry in-water mooring station available in Australia. The product is a floating mooring chamber that pumps out the water once the gate is closed keeping your vessel dry but still floating. A flotation collar surrounds the hull of the boat above the water line which protects your hull from floating debris and a water impervious undershield surrounds the hull below the water line, totally eliminating barnacles and other marine growth.

Unlike conventional boatlifts and docking stations, BoatBunker Evolution dry in-water mooring stations are easy to install and can be used in virtually any mooring location. Being at water level makes it easier to access the boat than an elevated airdock. The gate on the back of the station incorporates an air bladder that is used to raise and lower the gate. Open a valve and the gate drops down providing easy access in and out even on your own. Then raise the gate with the supplied pump. The floor of the mooring station is deep enough to accommodate stern-drive and shaft-drive powered boats as well as many sailboats.

Now you can affordably leave your boat or PWC dry and clean in the water with no more lifting or anti-fouling. Your boat will perform like a new boat every time resulting in fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs. The environment will thank you as well.

BoatBunker Evolution dry in-water mooring stations are made in several sizes ranging from models for PWCs up to 50 foot boats including monohulls, catamarans and pontoon boats. Custom units for any type or size of watercraft are available on request.

Best of all they are extremely affordable. Prices start from $1890 for PWC models and $4990 for boat models. For more information call Rob on 0405 217 592 or visit