Anchor Right Australia is launching the Excel Super Duty at Sanctuary Cove

Anchor Right                                                                         

Australian boat and land anchor manufacturer Anchor Right Australia is launching the Excel Super Duty on the world market at Sanctuary Cove.

This is an extension in Anchor Right’s ongoing research and development program. Anchor Right’s Rex Francis said the company already caters for the commercial industry with Super Sarca, but clients have asked for the Excel in larger sizes.

The Excel Super Duty suits extremely heavy vessels anchoring in many types of sea beds. These vessel captains can find it difficult to hold the vessel with conventional anchors, which may snap off the pulling shank during retrieval.

The Excel Super Duty has been developed to help vessels with a pullpit anchor housing arrangement. The anchor has a bisalloy grade 80 steel pulling shank that is purposely over-engineered for maximum strength.

Mr Francis said the anchor offers what he believes are ‘firsts’ in anchor technology: the anchor pulling shank is not butt welded to the surface of the fluke plate; and the pulling shank not only goes through the fluke plate but is extended beyond to another plate at the anchor base making it impossible to snap a weld.

This new anchor has a bisalloy cutting toe to give maximum life and durability. “For even more strength, we believe we are the first to fabricate and fill the ballast head with solid cast steel rather than lead, which offers environmental benefits and when it comes to regalvanising, there is no lead to replace,” he said.

The anchor will start at 120kg and the company is building the range with a target of 360kg. Rex Francis adds that the purpose design means less dragging and thus damage to the marine floor.

The Excel Super Duty is tested and accredited with the highest accreditation for boat anchors at S/H/H/ Power (Super High Holding Power) and offers rapid penetration in most sea beds. 

The company’s anchor range includes the Super Sarca and Sarca Excel, purpose-designed anchors to hold many types of seabeds with convex design to leave mud behind. The company also manufactures a range of self-anchor launch and retrieve bow rollers.