Anchor Right Australia – keeping a grip on the marine industry

Keeping a grip as in new anchor technology, Anchor Right have done it again, now offering yachts and boats a wider choice while still offering new and improved anchor technology.
The now very popular Excel range of anchors is now offered in high strength marine grade alloy, half the weight of their steel counterpart and will be supplied with accredited  S/H/H/Power, Super High Holding Power Certification.
The alloy Excel still has its cast filled fluke toe arrangement losing no benefits from its heavier steel Excel version. This gives the alloy Excel unprecedented change of tide, and reset ability as the cast filled fluke toe plate outweighs almost the weight of the rest of the anchor.
Removal of sea bed with concave anchor designs is a concern – this is why all Anchor Rights designs are convex, leaving the mud behind. Other benefits include low to no maintenance, no re-leading or galvanizing, super strong cast filled body, this keeps the weight applied to the toe allowing penetration of multiple sea beds, plus being a multipurpose anchor means less dragging resulting in less environmental damage.