Anglapro Lites make a splash

Anglapro, already known for their impressive of range of aluminium fishing boats covering estuary all the way to light offshore hulls have expanded and will now offer a range of light weight cartopper models perfect for travelling fishermen or the round Australia bound traveller.

The new range will be known as the Anglapro Lite and will be built to the high standards expected of the entire Anglapro range. The standard clinker style hull will come in a variety of sizes from three and a half metres to just under four meters in the 394 model.

Construction will be sturdy but maintains the light weight needed for these boats with a 2 mm bottom, complimented by 1.6mm sides offering strength and weight advantages.

These simple rigs will be available mid-year around the dealer network and are perfect for boaters looking for a small tender or boat to get out on sheltered waterways. Also perfect as an entry level boat for young kids, they will feature the stylish design elements seen on the bigger models.