Anzac Biscuits – Easter Hot Cross Buns

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Howdy folks,

April is time to think about my two favourite family treats: Anzac Biscuits and Easter Buns.

Even kids can make cookies, but buns are another matter.

Anything with yeast is a bit fiddly, why?

Because yeast is a living organism that thrives at body heat of 37 degrees C: it stays dormant below 5 degrees and dies off at 50+.

Dried yeast needs to be activated with a warm sugary liquid.

Once it has been worked into a dough, it needs to be rested in a warm place or ‘proved’. Keep a damp cloth over the top of the tray so the contents don’t dry out.

When the structure has roughly doubled in size, place in the oven. The yeast then goes mad, expanding further in the heat until it suddenly dies off in the cooking. CO2 is trapped inside the buns as they bake.

Now here are recipes for both Easter Buns and Anzac Cookies.

It’s important to weigh out or measure the ingredients accurately. So, maybe the adults can do that and the kids do the mixing.
Happy cooking!


Recipe for Easter Hot Cross Buns

Recipe for ANZAC Biscuits

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