Aquatronics showcase the Watchmate 850 AIS transponder at Sydney Boat Show

Following the success of the outstanding  Watchmate 750 Aquatronics announces the Australian release of the complete AIS – Class B Transponder package WATCHMATE 850…

Users can now receive AIS info from other boats and ships as well as TRANSMIT  their own details to others.  The unique WATCHMATE 850 meets the AIS requirements in a concise and easy to install Class B Transponder solution.

WATCHMATE 850 is the best value AIS and has its own large , backlit user friendly display. Users have full control over any alarm condition,  and have a variety of AIS target display options ranked in user selectable priorities.   “Buddies”  can also be added to your own personal  “fleet” list.

WATCHMATE  850 main display unit  features built in “dedicated” GPS receiver which makes for simple installation. (There is also an option for external patch Antenna if required.  ) Simply add  a VHF Antenna (or Antenna splitter) to complete the job.  Program the MMSI# directly into the unit as well,  (no need for PC connection to install and set-up)

WATCHMATE  850 can switch to “silent” mode , is totally waterproof (IP67) , will provide self diagnosis, will filter targets with user selectable priorities  and can connect to PC Navigation programs  via *optional  waterproof USB connector cable.   Also  comes with  input/output cable so as to integrate with other on-board equipment like Chartplotters  or Radars using NMEA.

WATCHMATE 850 :  Only  $1229.00 (RRP incl GST) and available now for immediate delivery –  is astounding value for a complete self-contained Class B system

WATCHMATE  850 – Always ON, Always WATCHING, Always VISIBLE