Aussie tinnie goes high tech


Aussie tinnie goes hi-tech

Like all good Aussie inventions, the iconic tinnie has had an overhaul; thanks to state-of-the-art materials and product design. Now, the next wave of extreme tinnie-substitutes are making their maiden voyage.

The Ensign™ range of sturdy, low-maintenance polyethylene boats were launched by The Haines Group earlier this year.

Made from the same polyethylene thermoplastic used in bullet proof vests, Ensign™ vessels have undergone rigorous testing, including being dropped from a helicopter, driven over by heavy vehicles, rammed into jetties, hauled over jagged rocks and  towed across  bitumen and concrete on the bare hull.

None of these assaults caused any structural damage to the vessels; and being positively buoyant and impervious to osmosis and corrosion, the boats reign supreme to most aluminium boats.

From Dinghy’s, Centre Consoles, Fisherman, Sport and Runabout models, Ensign vessels are rotationally moulded and foam filled from recyclable and environmentally friendly materials with added UV stabilisers to prevent ageing through weather extremes. 

The polyethylene structure reduces the need for anti-fouling and superficial scratches can be removed with the application of heat.

Polyethylene boats like the Ensign™ range outlast traditional tinnies; remaining structurally sound for over thirty years.

Unlike metal alloy boats or tinnies which contain multiple sections welded together, Ensign™ boats are built in a single mould process; producing a smooth consistent finish which is maintenance free, safe and strong.

The toughness of the solid pontoon style hull compared to traditional tinnies, puts it in better stead to resist the repetitive pounding of choppy or rough waters providing a much smoother and quieter ride.

Sharing a similar history as the original tinnie, the first rotationally moulded polyethylene boats were manufactured in 1959.
Ensign™ boats are built to marine survey, US Coast Guard, CE certification and Euro1 standards.

The cost effective range starts from $1,725 (including GST) for the Ensign™ 210 Dinghy partnered with a Suzuki DF2.5 outboard, up to $40,100 (including GST) for the 5.75m 600 Runabout Sports with Suzuki DF90TL outboard.