Australian launch of Barz Optics Kids’ polarised sunnies

Barz Optics will release its new kids’ performance range of sailing glasses at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.
The range consists of two styles aimed at the five to 10-year old age group with two other two styles aimed at nine to 14-years.
The Barz Optics “GROM model” features a dual moulded frame fitted with 1.1mm triacetate polarised lenses – better quality 1.1mm tri acetate lenses than most kids’ styles on the market have thinner .50 or .75mm lenses with lots of distortion. “All our models will be available in grey or amber and the Grom model will also have the option of photochromic polarised lenses – the lens darkens to Cat 3 in full sun and will lighten to Cat 2 in cloudy or low light conditions,” explains Kevin Barr.
The significance is better eye protection, says Kevin. “Eye specialists are finding much younger people developing pterigium (clear growth like a cataract) than they were 20 years ago. The eye is trying to protect itself from the elements of glare, wind, spray and UV.”
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