Back Cove Motor Yachts now available in Boat Share

Back Cove Motor Yachts now available in Boat Share.

Remember when boating was all about exploring, entertaining and creating memories on the water ? Instead, for most people, modern boat ownership today is all about spending, spending and spending.

Now there’s an enterprising idea especially for the 21st century that rekindles the joy of boating in days gone by. ‘Share-a-Boat’ is a company that operates on the Hawkesbury River and the latest addition to the fleet is a magnificent new Back Cove 33. It allows aspiring boat owners to enjoy the boating experience without the expense.

Back Cove boats need little introduction to discerning boaters. Built in Maine on the east coast of the USA, they appeal to those who’d rather spend their leisure time in slow motion than fast forward. The styling of the Back Cove 33 reflects a traditional lobster boat, but the running gear and technology is strictly state of the art. There’s a TV, DVD player, stereo, gourmet galley and BBQ to make life on the water very comfortable. Bow and Stern thrusters make docking a breeze.

Make no mistake, the Back Cove 33 can get up and go cruising at 20 knots when you need it to, but most owners would rather savour the enjoyment of a leisurely cruise to a secluded cove and enjoy the reduced fuel costs provided by her single diesel shaft drive power. Below deck, there’s a large V-berth forward, headroom of 6.5″ and a head with a separate shower stall, which is quite unique for a vessel of her size. The hand crafted inlaid table in the raised dinette and impeccable workmanship throughout remind you that this is a craft built for more elegant times. Large opening windows give you a sense of space and uninterrupted views of the surrounding waterways.

How do you get to enjoy all this ? The secret is a lease renewed on an annual basis. Fittingly, the Back Cove 33 syndication concept gives you 33 days a year on the water with zero days spent slipping, cleaning and maintaining the boat. That amounts to $16,425 a year over a 3 year period, or less than $500 for each day you’re actually on the water.

Ask any owner of a typical motor cruiser and ask whether they truly get to enjoy their boat 33 days a year. Couple that with the low annual lease, and you’ll see that this is a concept that makes sense for all of us, global financial crisis or not.