Background to Outremer catamaran designs

The Concept…

Outremer = Seaworthy + fast + simple

Seaworthy, to be free to go anywhere.

Seaworthy means to favour security. It is a result of the quality of the design and manufacture of our yachts.Seaworthy is synonymous with a free and easy life aboard, for both short and longer stays. Old and young alike gain immediate pleasure from making the space their own[C1] .

Simplicity is an asset.
Having a boat without complicated systems enables easy maintenance, all over the world, at very little cost. This systematic approach to an effective solution is our priority.
All our thoughts and research are aimed at making life onboard as easy as possible.

Fast for both safety and the sensations.
Speed is an element of safety and comfort. When facing a particular weather scenario, the average speeds our boats are capable of, allow routes which would otherwise be impossible at lower speeds.

Speed is a source of pleasure. It is the very essence of sailing. Since 1984, 200 such craft have sailed all the seas of the globe crewed by couples and families making their dreams a reality. All these sailors form a community, the genuine DNA of Outremer Catamarans. It carries with it the genes of future evolutions of our boats.

The majority have sailed far and wide, with numerous circumnavigations of the globe being achieved. Others have concentrated on performance. A multitude of races have been won, including The Transat of legend. 

In 2010 the Outremer 49 was launched and won European Yacht of the Year. 

Subsequently in 2013, the Outremer 5X was launched and also won European Yacht of the Year.

Two new models are expected to be launched in 2014 including the new Outremer 51 to replace the Outremer 49, plus the new Outremer 45 to replace the earlier classic design.

The Company…

The Outremer/ Allure association

Since November 2007, Outremer Yachting has been associated with Allures Yachting as part of the Grand Large Yachting group.

Outremer and Allures have the same aim: to provide boats which are safe, comfortable, high performance and capable of transporting their crews across all the seas of the globe in the best possible conditions.

The boats born of these two yards are built for ocean cruising. They satisfy very specific needs: these focus on everything from a high level of safety for sailing across all the world’s oceans, to spending long periods aboard, sailing in short-handed configuration, having sufficient fuel range, satisfying a need for communication facilities and high performance sailing, all with minimal environmental impact.

The Allures and Outremer alliance aims to combine the skills, experiences and expertise of the two companies to share the best practices, mutualise expertise and benefit from operational synergies, whilst respecting and reinforcing their own cultivation.

By coming together, Allures and Outremer have given themselves the means to be even more well-informed about the particular needs linked to these programmes (R&D, geographical coverage, assistance and after-sales service, personalised accompaniment in projects…) and respond ever better to the expectations of ocean sailors.

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