Bar Crusher Boats upgrades entire model range

Bar Crusher has updated the model numbers across its entire range of award-winning plate aluminium fishing boats having recently achieved CE certification.

Inline with ISO standard for CE compliance, Bar Crusher’s model numbers now reflect the overall length (LOA) in metres. In this light, the 500 is now 535 (or 5.35m); the 530 now 575; the 560 now 610; the 620 now 670; the 640 now 680; and the 760 now 780.

Comprising 14 models across five different series – cuddy/runabout (CR); cuddy (C); walk-around (WR); Hard Top (HT); and Reef Sport (XS) – Bar Crusher boats are renowned for their superior construction, smooth ride and stability at rest.

Bar Crusher director Peter Cleland said there had always been a lot of confusion among trailerboat boat buyers in regard to model sizes.

“Many boat manufacturers use a nominal or indicative model description to indicate length and there is a huge variation between manufacturers,” Mr Cleland said.

“Bar Crusher’s new system is a simple point-to-point measurement inline with ISO for CE certification that leaves very little room for confusion.

“Customers, so far, have welcomed the change and like the simplicity of the model numbering system.

“The Bar Crusher way is about making things as easy as possible for customers and this is one simple step to make things a little more straight forward when customers are researching the purchase of a Bar Crusher boat.”

Popular among hardcore anglers, these boats are known for their comprehensive range of standard fishing-related features, ‘go anywhere, do anything’ ability and ease of maintenance.

Professionally designed and built in Australia from the highest quality materials, the experienced and devoted manufacturing team’s attention to even the tiniest detail is evident in all Bar Crusher boats. Every feature of every boat has been carefully considered for its practicality, versatility and, importantly, durability.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2010, Bar Crusher leads the industry in design excellence and quality to produce the most advanced plate aluminium boats on the market.