Bar Crushers Edgy New Look


Bar Crusher has unveiled its fresh and edgy new graphics for its 2011 model range.

Keeping abreast of the market to set the trend, the new graphics further reinforce Bar Crusher’s commitment to its customers to deliver functional, head-turning, hardcore fishing boats.

Bar Crusher director Peter Cleland said the timing was right to introduce a new look, following the recent model number update across the range inline with ISO standard.

“People considering purchasing a Bar Crusher already know they will get a boat that incorporates innovative engineering, superior design and performance, but we also like to offer boats that have the ‘wow’ factor in look and style,” Mr Cleland said.

“We know we’ve got it right when we hear prospective customers say – check out that Bar Crusher, I want one of those!

“As an iconic brand in our segment and a boat people aspire to own, we need to continue to turn heads and the new style looks fantastic.

“We’ve always offered an extensive range of quality hull colours and these new graphics further enhance the exclusive, premium feel of a Bar Crusher boat.”

The new-look Bar Crushers will be in dealerships soon and on display throughout the 2011 national boat show circuit.