Bavaria Motor Boats 35 Sports Hardtop Review

Issue: September 2005

Earlier this year Modern Boating featured the latest in the BMB range of Bavaria motorboats, the 37 Sports Hard Top. But the company is probably best known for its range of sailing yachts, such as the Bavaria 42 Cruiser.

The German boat builder produces some 2500 yachts, ocean year ranging from 25ft to 49 ft. Now the powerboats the company produces under the brand name BMB (Bavaria Motor Boats) are also becoming better known in Australia.

The newest of the BMB range is the 35 Sports Hard Top, and just like the 37, it’s a sleek, stylish vessel. The 35 has an overall length of 11.4m compared with the 11.84m of the 37, but it comes almost $100,000 cheaper with many of the same features as its big brother.

The Bavaria reputation for fine fit-outs is well known throughout Europe and its motorboats keep up the tradition the company has established with its yachts.


The cockpit space has been well used with a semi-circular lounge opposite the helm station and another U-shaped lounge aft on the deck platform that lift s hydraulically to reveal the cavernous engine space and the Volvo Penta engines. Like the 37, the 35 has a huge electrically-operated sunroof in the hardtop that opens the cockpit right up on a sunny day. The slide up and down side windows have been retained and instead of metal catches (which tended to look a bit ordinary after a while) they are replaced with black plastic ones that look more suited to the boat.

The helm position with tilt wheel has good vision and the dash is more akin to a European sports car with two of everything in silver bezels in a half-moon, Carbon-Fibre binnacle.

Another new feature is the reversible seat across the transom. This can be tilted back to face the stern or folded down to form a sun-bed. Under the seat is a huge divided icebox and of course a fridge and wet bar are standard in the cockpit. The main cabin is finished in a light, textured mahogany that gives it a light and airy feel, despite the solid wood bulkhead that divides the main cabin from the owner’s cabin.

This is not a structural bulkhead and some owners have opted for a cutout that opens the boat up remarkably. Although not very obvious, the cabin roof lining has been moulded, so that it now hides the bulkhead join. With the headlining feature it now finishes off the cabin beautifully.

Much of the cabinetry, including the beautifully finished table and the storage lockers, are similar to other Bavaria designs. The main cabin is very ‘yachtish’ with a semi-circular lounge around a beautifully inlaid table featuring the Bavaria Motor Boat logo.

The bench galley is opposite along the starboard side. There’s a convection microwave hidden in a cupboard under a panel that show the state of the water tanks and the waste water tanks. The floor is an attractive, laid, wood-grain laminate that is harder than teak and is difficult to scratch. The owner’s cabin up front has the usual island bed and his and hers, lined, hanging cedar-lined lockers. There is a second cabin aft for guests with a hanging locker. It is spacious enough to include a settee and full headroom with a quarter hatch to let in light and air. There are a number of similar hatches throughout the boat and when they are all opened there is cooling airflow throughout the boat.

Being built in a cold climate there is plenty of insulation in the boat and in a hot climate this also helps to keep it cool. The door to the bathroom is also different it opens in rather than out into the main cabin and once inside there is still plenty of room to close it.


Power is supplied by two Volvo Penta, 5.7lt, 320hp petrol engines with standard alloy DuoProps. Fitting stainless props would probably give the boat a little more lift, but even with the standard props it started to plane at 2500rpm and 10.9 knots. At 3000rpm the GPS read 19.7 knots and at 5100 we saw a top speed of 35.6 knots. The engines had only done 1.5 hours, so we didn’t give them a hard time. When fully run-in a top speed, around 38 knots could be expected.

The boat was quiet with an acceptable 84.5dB at 3000rpm recorded at the helm station and 82dB at 2500rpm. It is easy to handle, and has a lot of grunt in reverse, so much so it is easier to use only one engine when backing into a berth. Although trim tabs are fitted the BMB 35 doesn’t need them and the legs only need about two degrees of trim out when on the plane.

The BMB 35 Sports Hard Top comes with just about everything you need in a boat as standard and except for an engine upgrade to Volvo Penta diesels, there are not many more options. Pricing for a BMB 35 Sports Hard Top starts at $379,000. There is also a soft -top version with a forward angled Targa arch that retails at around $339,000.

The BMB Story

Bavaria Yachts is synonymous for powerboats and sailing yachts that have an outstanding price to performance relationship.

One of the top-ranking and biggest yacht builders in Europe, Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH has developed a line of yachts and powerboats that stand out for their solid and lasting value. This is the result of many years of intensive co-operation between Bavaria and the most renowned yachtdesign firms in Europe.

Innovation, modern manufacturing methods, computer-aided manufacturing processes and highly skilled craftsmen enable all Bavaria boats to be produced relatively inexpensively. This allows Bavaria Yachts to pass this competitive advantage directly on to its customers.

Every year more than 2500 yachts, between 25 and 49 feet, leave the yard, which employs more than 600 people. This yard is one of the most modern boat building facilities in the world.

Engine Room

The Bavaria 35 Sports Hard Top was powered by two Volvo Penta, 5.7lt, 320hp petrol engines with standard alloy DuoProps. Volvo Penta D4 and D6 diesels are available as options.


Stainless props would probably lift the boat a little, even so the boat started to plane at 2500rpm and 10.9 knots. The engines had only done 1.5 hours and when run in the top speed should be around 38 knots.

Speed to RPM: 10.9 knots @ 2500 rpm, 19.7 knots @ 3000 rpm, 35.6 knots @ 5100 rpm.


LOA: 11.4m
BEAM: 3.68m
DRAFT: (legs up) 0.60m, (legs down) 0.92m
FUEL: 800lt
WEIGHT: 8300kg
PRICE: $379,000

+ Good fit-out

Performs well
– Nothing to report

Words and Photos by Kevan Wolfe