Bavaria Yachts Economy Boost Program

Bavaria Yachts Economy Boost Program.

Bavaria Yachtbau has recently announced considerable discounts across their range of production yachts with immediate effect and available until 31 May 2009 (excluding Bavaria 55).  “Especially in a rather weak marketing environment, we want to offer our customers an extra incentive to decide for a yacht from Giebelstadt“, explains Andres Cardenas, CEO Bavaria Yachtbau.

The discounts in cash terms range from $18,000 to around $60,000 off the Australian base price depending on model.  With rumours of an improving economy just over the horizon in America and the specter of potential inflation down the track, it’s unlikely there will ever be a better price for a new production yacht.

Bavaria Yachtbau is also now able to build and offer yachts over 50 feet following the investment of over 10 million Euros in new production lines and installations.  The expansion of the yard in Giebelstadt has been completed after a construction time of 10 months.  Further investment has also included the painting and varnishing plant being expanded along with other installations that are essential for the quality of Bavaria Yachts.  “With this raised efficiency and improved productivity and product quality, Bavaria is well placed, even in hard times “Cardenas says.   

Bavaria Yachtbau builds round 3000 boats per year at its production site in Giebelstadt, Germany.  Each yacht is produced exclusively to order.  New Bavaria products are provided with the “Yacht Plus “certificate by Germanischer Lloyd.