Be the envy of every fisherman in town in your 539 Nomad Fisher

The 539 Nomad Fisher is the first checker plate model introduced to the market by Stacer. The Nomad Fisher was released in response to customer and dealer feedback.

The Nomad Fisher will be a serious contender against other plate boats on the market with 4.00mm bottomsides and 3.00mm topsides.

The 539 Northern Fisher features a fully welded sub frame rib structure with a self-draining tread plate floor. The under floor rib structure adds strength to the hull and the self-draining floor comes in handy if a wave washed over the bow or when washing down the floor after a day of fishing.

With the EVO Advance hull and new Stacer transom the 539 Nomad Fisher is a superb ride. The sharp bow entry and deeper V in the EVO Advance hull provides smoother ride and an overall impressive performance.

National Account Manager Drew Jackson says the 539 Nomad Fisher is set to be a best seller.

“The Nomad Fisher is packed with great features such as the checker plate floor, carpeted front casting platform, the 100 litre underfloor plumbed kill tank, live bait tank and large aluminium side pockets” he said.

“The Nomad Fisher comes in both side and centre console configuration and can be fitted with a centre console fisher seat “he said.

“The Nomad Fisher also features the new Stacer transom which increases the internal space by 200mm and hides cables inside the transom to for an obstruction free duckboard” he said.

“Internally the new transom allows faster access to the bilge pump and engine fit as well as storage for dual batteries. The new transom also creates a lower centre of gravity for more stability at rest and while underway” he said.

The 539 Nomad Fisher is available in a Stacer ‘Ready 2 Go’ package complete with boat, motor and trailer and comes with a 3 year limited factory warranty.