B&G launches powerful wave technology processor

B&G has launched its impressive new WTP3 Wave Technology Processor, providing competitive sailors the accuracy and performance they demand.

The WTP3 is B&G’s next generation Grand Prix level processor, which supersedes the much-coveted B&G WTP2. The new processor incorporates a number of advanced technological developments that provide improved data accuracy and enhanced overall performance that inshore and offshore Grand Prix competitors demand – whether Americas Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, TP52, Open 60 or Maxi-multihulls.

The system’s new compact Central Processing Unit (CPU) collects, calculates, logs and displays data at speeds far in excess of standard instrument systems. Pioneering Wave Technology Motion Correction, which measures the pitch, roll and yaw of the boat, gives greater accuracy and stability of core sailing data while allowing the rapid update of associated data.

WTP3 integrates a full data-logging solution enabling post-analysis of race or testing data. Up to 8GB of data is stored internally in solid state storage, accessible via the unit’s onboard Ethernet connection or via simple USB memory stick offload.

The B&G WTP3 can be configured to accept a large variety of data including multiple GPS, heading and speed inputs, along with sensors to allow measurement and display of almost any variable in the yacht, such as the rudder angle, forestay load, or mast rake.

Mechanical design improvements and system architecture changes have led to a reduction in the installed system weight of up to 5kg for a 50’ yacht, while increasing the expansion possibilities.

Further technical developments include increased analogue channel sampling rates and automated software and configuration updates. All of these new functions, together with enhanced protection from water, shock and vibration, offer an unparalleled combination of performance, precision and reliability.

Further information:

Navico Australia – (02) 9936 1000 or visit: www.bandg.com