B&G unveils navigation system with Broadband Radar

B&G has released its new Zeus multifunction displays and Broadband Radar.

Bringing the benefits of B&G race performance to cruising sailors in an easy-to-use format, Zeus has been designed as a fully-integrated, high-performance navigation system with bright, sunlight viewable displays and features unique and dedicated sailing functions.

Available in 20.3cm (8”) and 30.5cm (12”) LED-backlit displays, the new high-specification B&G Z8 and Z12 displays come packed with a number of impressive features specific to sailing navigation, including GRIB weather file display and animation, chart overlays displaying sailing laylines and WindPlot and TimePlot histograms.

B&G Zeus incorporates Navionics coastal cartography as standard, with the ability to add Navionics Platinum+ with high-resolution aerial photography and Turboview 3D imagery.

The Zeus units are easy to install and use, straight out of the box. With the rotary controller and alphanumeric keypad, the control of menus and functions is simple and intuitive.

The powerful Zeus system integrates seamlessly with data from B&G H3000 instruments, GPS, radar and AIS. Furthermore, award-winning Broadband Radar technology has been integrated with the new B&G system, along with the new B&G ZG50 High Speed 5Hz GPS antenna.

The Z8 and Z12 displays also integrate with a range of other approved Ethernet, SimNet and NMEA2000 devices, such as the new SonicHub audio server for onboard entertainment, the Broadband Sounder Module and the ground-breaking StructureScan Sonar Imaging technology, which is ideal for finding safe anchorages and knowing what lies below the keel.

Using innovative C-Zone digital switching technology, it is also possible to control and monitor almost any system on the boat from the Zeus display. Lights, bilge pumps and tank levels are among the functions that can be operated, monitored and adjusted at the touch of a button.

Further information:

Navico Australia – (02) 9936 1000 or visit: www.bandg.com