BIA Victoria helps members contain costs

BIA Victoria helps members contain costs

The Boating Industry Association of Victoria (BIAV) has frozen its membership and boat show fees to help its members contain costs during the economic downturn.

The price freeze applies to membership fees for the coming year and exhibitor fees for the 2009 Melbourne Boat Show in July.

BIA general manager Robert Coco said the Board of Directors had decided to freeze its fees as a practical form of support at a time when the marine sector was doing it tough.

“It’s one way of sharing our members’ burden – this is not the time for us to be passing on cost increases to members who are trading in difficult economic conditions,” he said.

“Naturally our costs are increasing – the costs of staging boat shows as well as our everyday operating costs – but the Board felt it was not reasonable to simply pass on those costs.

“As the Prime Minister and many others have said, we will get through these tough times much better and much quicker if we all pull together and help each other.”