BIA Victoria launches strategic plan

BIA Victoria launches strategic plan

The Boating Industry Association (BIA) of Victoria has launched its “Boating 2013” strategic plan to drive the Association’s activities for the next five years.

BIA Victoria President Gordon Howlett said the plan was the most important single task undertaken by BIA General Manager Robert Coco since he started in March

“Boating 2013” sets out six strategic priorities in critical areas to deliver sustainable industry growth:

Advocacy – strong advocacy for boating infrastructure is the number one priority.

Financial diversification – diversified revenue streams will fund boating and community programs, reduce event costs, and support state and national  boating initiatives.

Leveraging Association resources nationally – joint efforts with AMIF and other BIAs will provide new member benefits and standardise back-office operations.

Membership growth – new member benefits and identifying new marine segments will drive membership growth.

Establishing a Boating Community Group – BIAV will connect with the industry’s customers to deliver financial benefits to the industry and the Association.

Targeting the non-boating community – there will be a deliberate effort to attract new people to boating, particularly in the absence of Grow Boating Australia.

Mr Howlett commended Robert Coco for the work he had put into developing a sound and achievable strategic direction for the BIA to follow over the next five years.

“This plan has been a long time coming, and it gives us a much-needed blueprint to move towards clear objectives that will achieve a healthy future for the boating industry not just in Victoria, but nationally,” he said.

The plan takes effect immediately