Blue Reef Vision lifestyle eyewear on display at Sydney Boat Show

Blue Reef Vision understand eyewear, is not just eyewear. We are a contemporary company on the cutting edge, and recognise a need for multifunctional products in a world that demands optimal performance in every aspect.

Blue Reef Vision is all about lifestyle, “adventure meets sophistication” and prides itself on being able to meet the individual needs of its customers. It’s about infusing the latest technology with fashion, without compromising quality, to achieve versatility, satisfaction, and aesthetics.

We specialise in Polarised sunglasses that are engineered specifically with the highest quality materials, for strength, comfort, and safety. Our lenses provide 100% protection against the suns harmful UV rays, and block glare from any surface.

So if you love being outdoors, travelling, or adventure, Blue Reef Vision is the eyewear to enhance your experiences.

Our philosophy is simple, the eyes are the windows to the world and we want you to view it with Blue Reef Vision.