Boat Box unveils Duo helm

Boat Box has been at the cutting edge of creative boat storage solutions for decades and their innovative products have found their way onto many recreational boaters’ vessels and indeed some commercial applications.

Recently, the company has been taken over by Nathan Laidlaw, a skilled craftsman and boat builder himself, he plans to use those skills to introduce more new models and build an  innovative website to assist  consumers with their on-boat storage solutions.

The Duo Helm, pictured is one such cutting edge product and skilfully combines a 40 litre esky with dry storage and a helm seat. The esky sits underneath a broad hinged cushion which also doubles as a seat. The esky below is fully insulated keeping your precious catch colder for longer. After a tough day on the water you know you can reach in and expect things to still be as frosty as when you last opened it.

Attention to detail is of paramount importance, so unlike some manufacturers, all Boat Box boxes are fully closed, including its own floor, resulting in a water-tight build which will ensure anything you want to keep dry in the storage space beneath the helm chair will do just that. Construction is a lightweight but strong fibreglass build which will give years, if not decades of service for any owner.

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