Yacht & Boat Winter Cook-Off – Boat Show Cooking – Win a Pete Evans Cookbook

Howdy folks,

Now I hope all you locals are getting ready for the Sydney Boat Show, Brisbane Boat Show and the Perth Boat Show.

When I’m not cooking, I like to do a bit of fishing.

So I’m looking forward to some tips from the fishing clinic at the Sydney Boat Show where none other than Dick Lewers himself is to be giving tips.

For tips on how to set up your yacht or boat for an all weathers sail or cruise I have pencilled a quick checklist below:

  • Cup-a-Soups
  • Long-life milk
  • Packet spaghetti
  • Rice in a resealable bag
  • Zip lock bags – different sizes
  • Space Food Sticks & Muesli bars
  • Herbs & Spices – in mini zip lock bags
  • Vacuum packed meat – keeps fresh longer
  • Lindt 70% cocoa chocolate – for instant energy
  • Tuna & Salmon – in the foil packs rather than tins
  • Square Frying Pan – makes the most of stove-top space
  • Some tinned essentials – baked beans etc for rough weather
  • Root vegies – keep well in a cool dark place & deliver good nutrition

The Winter cook-off is now being organised by the Yacht and Boat team and entries are still coming in as I write.

This year’s recipes are looking so good, Yacht and Boat tell me that they are thinking of creating prizes for runners-up!

I will be judging the entries along with the Yacht and Boat crew.

Remember the prize: Pete Evans’ two cook books, “My Table” and “Fish“.

This month’s recipes are extracts from his web site to give a taste of things to come.

Enjoy the Boat Show season!  Check out our Boat Show page for more details.

Safe cooking.