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Boat Maintenance Tips and Safety Advice

Review the articles below on boat maintenance and boating safety.  We have grouped these two categories together because at Yacht and Boat, we believe maintaining your boat and safe boating go hand in hand.

Sail Furlers Boat Maintenance
Trailer Boat Maintenance
Sleeping Aboard Boat Safety
Boat Anchor Systems
Sail Furling Systems  Trailer Wheel Servicing  Safe Sleeping Aboard  Anchor Systems

Boating Reviews – Boat Maintenance & Boat Safety

You’ll find reviews on a wide variety of topics on boat maintenance from servicing your trailer wheel bearings to sail furling systems.

Safety features and equipment cover EPIRB emergency beacons and other boat safety products as well as tips on anchoring your boat safely for an over night stay.

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Sail Furling

 Don’t let your sails get torn from a runaway furling roller – maintain & prevent with these handy tips.

Trailer Wheels

 The bearings of your boat trailer wheels are often an afterthought – neglect this part of your boat maintenance at your peril.

Sleeping Aboard

 Snooze the night away on your boat knowing the your anchor or mooring is safely secured.

Anchor Systems

 Setting up your anchor with a trip system can help retrieve it from difficult snags.

Boat Safety Equipment

 Boating Safety Equipment is boat gear such as PFD Life Jackets, EPIRB, Life Rafts. Make sure you’re prepared with the right safety equipment.