Boaters reminded to keep clear of dolphins

Boaters reminded to keep clear of dolphins

Tuross Lake boaters are being reminded of their responsibilities in keeping a safe distance from dolphins and other marine mammals, NSW Maritime South Coast Regional Manager Craig Whitmore said.

Mr Whitmore said three bottle-nosed dolphins were in Tuross Lake and skippers must observe the distance off requirements for marine mammals.

“Local residents have raised concerns about the pod’s welfare while it remains in the lake,” Mr Whitmore said.

“Generally, dolphins will stay clear from boats. I am also assured by National Parks & Wildlife that there is also ample food in the lakes and their condition is being monitored.

“However, it is crucial for all skippers to observe the marine mammal regulations when out boating.

“In October 2005, the Commonwealth, States and Territories agreed to introduce consistent regulations for marine mammal protection in all jurisdictions, so the same rules apply across Australia.

“Skippers must not approach within 50m of dolphins or 150m of dolphins with calves present.

“A vessel should only approach from an angle of at least 30 degrees – never dead on – to the dolphin’s direction of travel,” Mr Whitmore said.