Boating adventures in the Pacific Islands at Sydney Boat Show 2011

Experience the adventure of the South Pacific at this year’s Sydney International Boat Show. For those that love the sea there are so many unique adventures waiting among the diverse islands of the Pacific – whether it’s fishing, diving, surfing or whale watching, it’s starts with a boat and ends with exhilaration.

Located at stand 602, Pacific Islands Trade & Invest are showcasing Pacific Edge Adventures with some of the best that the region has to offer in boating holidays and giving SIBS visitors the chance to win an all expense paid vacation for 2 to Papatura Island Retreat Solomon Islands.

Ride out into the vast seas and skies to challenge the wildest big game fish in the world. Mix the careful art of lagoon spear fishing with the thunderous, roaring exhilaration of snagging an enormous tuna out in the deep, deep blue, on an extreme South Pacific fishing adventure. Whatever your fishing passion, there is a package to suit and an expert on hand at the SIBS to share their insights on how to catch the big one.

Explore an underwater paradise among the reefs and atolls of the pristine Pacific with a diving adventure vacation. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced aquanaut, the Pacific holds some of the best diving grounds in the world. Stop by Pacific Edge Adventures at SIBS to unlock the secrets of the deep and reveal the hidden treasures that diving the Pacific will reveal.

Ride the perfect Pacific wave at some of the best, untouched surf breaks in the world. Ever since the first Australian rode a surfboard, the sport has captured our hearts and minds and the quest for the perfect wave has become part of surf lore.

Australians have travelled the world on this quest and along the way have developed a love of the exotic, untouched and untamed waves of foreign waters. Meet some of the pioneers of Pacific surf holidays at Pacific Edge Adventures and learn about the mythic breaks, barrelling sections and long walls that await the Pacific surf traveller.

What better escape from winter than to visit the warm waters off Tonga where whales stay from July through early October. After migrating from their feeding grounds in Antarctica, along the New Zealand coast to Tonga, the whales spend the southern winter in the south Pacific where they court, mate and calve, presenting an incredible and unique opportunity to witness these majestic creatures in their natural environment. Visit stand 602 to learn more about this extraordinary Pacific whale experience.

The south seas have always conjured up visions of excitement and this spirit is still strong in the twenty-first century. Take advantage of the extraordinary, affordable boating adventures that the Pacific has to offer by visiting the Pacific Islands Trade & Invest / Pacific Edge Adventures stand 602 at the SIBS