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Search yacht and boat for ‘how to’ guides on a variety of boating and fishing topics. If you are looking for information on how to dock your yacht, how to catch prawns in Summer, how to turn your tender into a fishing boat or how to buy the right propeller – you’ll find some helpful articles and handy tips right here.

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Docking a Yacht

 Docking boats and yachts can be tricky but slow and steady can win you the race with these tips.

Tender Fishing

 Turn your tender into a fishing boat with these handy tips from Modern Boating.

Buying a Propeller

 If you’re looking to buy a new propeller for your boat don’t miss this informative boating article.

Catching Prawns

 Catching prawns in the Summer is fun and easy once you know these prawning tricks.

Retrieval & Docking

 Whether it be at the boat ramp or along side a jetty these top tips will have you manouvering your boat like a pro.

Boat Rope Tips

 Eye splicing a three strand mooring rope is easy and looks neat.

Rafting Up

 A raft up is one of boating’s great social pleasures and can be done safely with these easy procedures.

Boat Terminology

How well do you know boats? Test yourself on these boat terms and find more boating definitions.

Inflatable Boat Care

Looking after your inflatable boat is easier thanks to these great tips from Zodiac.