Boats and Birds have always had a close love hate relationship

Boaties love to see them on the water when enjoying their boats, but hate to see them land or in some cases, live on board their boats.  In Sydney Harbour, there are over 7,000 swing moorings and many of them are in quite remote or exposed locations opening up the opportunity for birds to land and roost on board when owners are not around.

Bird droppings take hours to clean up, eat in to decks and covers but most importantly, they carry disease and germs.  Birds Off Boats is proud to introduce a product, for the first time in Australia, a great, easy to use system that stops birds from landing and roosting on your boats.

Flags in a Sock come in both Red (port) and Green (starboard) socks and inside comes over 40 drop out flags.  The sock is 5 meters long and extends to 11 meters giving users the chance to crisscross the flags across your boat.  Birds don’t like movement and will not sit under or near the flags for fear of entrapment.

It’s a fast and easy to use bird repellent system that is on sale for the first time at the Sydney International Boat Show.

For more details jump on line at or 1300 BIRDSOFF