Boston Whalers find a new home in Sydney

The company isn’t suddenly going green, but Liam O’Halloran at Sirocco Marine South may make other boat dealers go green with envy. Liam has been a respected identity in the Sydney boating scene for decades and now he has acquired the Sydney agency for the Boston Whaler range from the USA.

To the dedicated fishing fraternity, Boston Walers need little introduction. This premium quality builder of not only sport fishing boats but also tenders and family runabouts is renowned worldwide.

The Boston Whaler range spans models from 13 to 37 feet, from centre console models to larger cabin boats. The company’s claim of making the safest and most exciting boats on the water is upheld by a their reputation for unsinkable, premium quality models with the strength of hand laid, foam filled fibreglass hulls. It’s worth popping into the showroom simply to see the attention to detail that the company incorporates into every Boston Whaler model.

To prove how good they are, the company has driven Boston Whalers up waterfalls, through rocky rapids and deep into the roughest offshore fishing grounds of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Sirocco Marine South might not take you quite that far to demonstrate how good they are, but Liam will be happy to explain all the salient features in the comfort of his brand new Caringbah showroom. Sirocco Marine South prides itself on providing the highest level of after sales support to customers all over NSW, so you’ll not only be buying a legend, but an ongoing boating experience.

Sirocco Marine South has built its reputation selling only the finest rigid inflatable boats, beginning with the Brig and Williams RIBs from Europe. So America’s finest sport fishing boats will sit just nicely alongside the inflatables in Sirocco Marine South’s showroom.  To ensure there are plenty of boats in stock for customers throughout the East Coast of Australia, Sirocco Marine South is partnering with the award-winning Queensland Marine Centre in bringing Boston Whalers from the USA.