Botany Bay works change conditions for boaters

Botany Bay works change conditions for boaters
Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi has warned boaters to be aware of navigation hazards posed by several construction works underway at Botany Bay.
Many of the conditions on the water have changed in recent weeks – with more changes expected as works continue in stages.
“Those who have not been boating for a while will find there are several changes to navigation as a result of construction works on the Georges and Cooks River and at Port Botany,” Mr Tripodi said.
“For example navigation markers clearly indicate where there is changed access to Botany Bay from the Georges and Cooks Rivers, due to floating plant and construction equipment.”
Works currently impacting on boating in the area include:
• Desalination plant – construction zone off Tabbigai Gap (check for the inlet
and outlet pipes for desalination plant);
• Desalination plant – pipeline works at Kyeemagh;  
• Port Botany expansion – heading out from Penryhn boat ramp 8 knot
restriction, with reduced depth of channel (1.5m at low tide);
• Maintenance works on the Endeavour Bridge on the Cooks River (channel
relocated  southward – marked with navigation markers);
• Tom Uglys Bridge works on northbound and southbound bridges –
reduced clearance heights, and closure of some spans.
“Skippers should keep a proper lookout and travel at a safe speed when negotiating the waters near these works,” Mr Tripodi said.
“Conditions have changed considerably and navigation markers are being moved to reflect the new channels.”
Mr Tripodi said the warning followed a recent incident in which a boater decided to cut through the construction zone at Port Botany and hit a dredge pipeline, disabling  his propeller.