BSA offers wide range at Sydney Boat Show

Fast-expanding Boating Syndication Australia will have three boats on display at the Sydney International Boat Show in August, including its luxury Belize 52 hardtop cruiser.

The company’s on-water display also includes a newly-acquired Maritimo 48 cruising Motoryacht and a Riviera M400 sports cruiser.

Boating Syndication Australia’s Managing Director Andy Young said the display was a powerful statement about the company’s diversity of offerings.

“We set out to provide our clients with a range of options, not only in size but also brand of luxury boat we can deliver,” he said.

The company will also be offering a syndication program for the brand new Belize 52 daybridge cruiser that will be on display at the Riviera/Belize stand at the show.

 “We already have two Belize motoryachts in our fleet,” said Andy. “Our Sydney boat is fully subscribed and we have just one share remaining in ‘Belizzimo’ on the Gold Coast. We believe that the Belize daybridge has fabulous potential for our market of busy executives.”

Shares in the Maritimo motoryacht are being offered at $95,000 each.

“We believe we are offering an incredible opportunity for boating enthusiasts with this great boat,” said Andy. “It is Maritimo’s most popular model – and for good reason. With three generous cabins, two bathrooms and a ton of room to relax and entertain, the Maritimo 48 is going to be a winner in our fleet.”

BSA will also be offering shares in a Riviera M360 sports cruiser during the show.

“We didn’t have space to bring that model into our display,” Andy explained. “But she is berthed at d’Albora Marina at The Spit in Mosman and we’ll be happy to show clients over it during or after the show.”


Belize 52 daybridge – $169,000 for one tenth share

Belize 52 hardtop (based on the Gold Coast) – $145,000 for a one tenth share

Maritimo 48 motoryacht (based at the Royal Motor Yacht Club, Pittwater) – $95,000 for one tenth share

Riviera M400 sports cruiser – $39,000 for one tenth share

Riviera M360 sports cruiser – $25,900 for one tenth share

More information is available at the Boating Syndication Australia Web site,