BSA records best boat show ever

Innovative boat share company Boating Syndication Australia recorded its best result ever at last week’s Sydney International Boat Show with an astonishing 21 shares sold in Riviera M400 sports cruisers.

“The entire demographic changed for us at this show,” said BSA Managing Director Andy Young. “We don’t expect to make sales on weekends but this year they were our two best days. Families are shaking off the gloom and want to get good value for their boating.”

BSA also recorded four sales for its Riviera M360 sports cruiser, one for the company’s Princess motor yacht in Sydney and for one of its two Belize hardtop motor yachts.

“Our fleet continues to expand and we are now delighted to offer Riviera M400s in Sydney Harbour and a Riviera M360 at the beautiful Bobbin Head in the northern Sydney waterways,” said Andy.

“The weather was perfect for families, we met some great people and they fully understand the benefits of syndication with BSA.”

He said the change was driving syndicate sales in smaller boats.

“We saw this change developing early this year,” said Andy. “So we invested in Riviera M400s and M360s. The M400s are at our Mosman head office and the M360s are berthed at Bobbin Head and on the Gold Coast. We now have offerings across the range, from 36 feet up to the glamorous Princess P54.

“We have our eyes on more acquisitions at both ends of the market.” 

More information is available at the Boating Syndication Australia Web site,