BSA welcomes Belize to Sydney Harbour

Boating Syndication Australia (BSA) has unveiled the latest luxury cruisers in its fleet to Sydney clients.

BSA’s Andy Young and his team introduced the exciting new 52-foot Belize Motoryacht to owners at a party held at the d’Albora Marina in Mosman on Sunday, October 30.

The party was the first chance for David and Sandy Libling to see their new acquisition. They bought two of the available 10 shares on the boat sight unseen and are delighted.

“The finish and thoughtfulness that have gone into the boat are exceptional,” said David. He had looked over a number of the BSA offerings but was looking for something that would exactly suit his family’s needs.

“We were looking closely at another brand but Andy asked us to wait to see the Belize. He showed us layout plans and convinced us,” said David.

Sandy loves the seamless indoor-outdoor atmosphere. Sitting on the lounge on the wide aft deck she said: “It all comes together, from the galley to this deck. It is as if there is no door at all.”

Andrew Hardy brought his young children to view the new boat and they were as excited as their father.

“The boat combines a feeling of both classic and modern in a very effective way,” he said. “We love the interior design with its European textures and colours. She is unique.”

For Peter Lumsdaine, the BSA business model is important.

“Andy is someone I can trust,” said Peter. “The concept is particularly good for people getting into boating. Andy and his team have a strong focus on training and support. He is always available with tips to help make our boating easier or to get us out of trouble if needed.”

David and Sandy agreed that the BSA syndication model is attractive.

“The booking system is incredibly flexible,” said David. “If we book a few days and then can’t take them, we can swap with other owners. Some booking systems lock you in so you often waste booked days.”

Paul Sifis met the BSA team at this year’s Sydney international Boat Show this year.

“I was looking for new boat but didn’t have a lot to spend,” said Paul. “Then Andy explained how the syndication system works. He showed us drawings of the Belize and I was sold. The model of shared ownership works so well. I get a lot more boat and share the costs. All you need is a bit of a flexible attitude.”

The new Belize – yet to be named by her proud owners – joins a fleet of Riviera, Princess, Clipper and Azimut luxury boats in BSA’s berths at the d’Albora marina in Mosman.

More information is available at the Boating Syndication Australia Web site.