Buizen 52 set for November launch

The new Buizen 52 took a big step towards its launch recently with the completion of hull painting and fitting of superstructure windows.

The new Pilot House yacht, the first new model from the Australian marque in 15 years, is on target to be hull-wet by late-November.

The launch of the new Buizen 52 will be the culmination of two years of development and construction.

Buizen managing director Steve Howe said it was immensely satisfying to see the boat take shape ahead of its launch.

“Our last model, the Buizen 48, was clearly an expression of the company’s philosophy, a bench mark yacht in terms of quality and capability,” Mr Howe said.

“With the new 52 we set out to design and build a yacht that was a significant evolution of the 48’s DNA in terms of its design function, interior styling and contemporary lines… a yacht that could truly be labelled a pocket superyacht.

“With the recent completion of the hull painting and superstructure glazing it now feels that the launch is fast approaching.

“It’s a long process going from a blank page to launch and we’re very proud of this evolution.”

The Buizen 52 is an all-new design that continues the company’s philosophy for fundamental quality, luxury fit-out, bluewater capability and ease of sailing. Enhanced by the application of modern design and construction technology, the 52 is a 21st century Buizen.

“The use of 3D CAD modelling technology in all aspects of design and construction has allowed us to achieve greater efficiencies in both build and performance,” Mr Howe said.

“For example, the new boat has nearly a 23 per cent increase in volume compared to the 48 yet it only weighs a tonne and a half more… the vacuum-infusion hull-construction process means it’s lighter, stronger and faster overall.

“The interior fit-out has gone together with millimetric precision, and the quality of hand-crafted furniture and joinery and the bespoke nature of a semi-custom design means there is no compromise in this boat whatsoever.”

Continuing Buizen Yachts’ abiding principle of building to an outcome rather than a price point, the new Buizen 52 is set to establish a new era in Australian luxury yacht building.