Buizen Yachts Join the Windcraft Fleet

If you’re Australian and you’re a sailor you’ll know Buizen yachts.

You’ll know that Buizen is a name synonymous with the very best quality.  You’ll know that these semi-custom yachts are designed and hand built here in Australia.  And you’ll know that, for many, the Buizen is the yacht of choice for serious blue water cruising.

And unless you’ve had your head in the sand you’ll also know the name Team Windcraft with its visionary MD, Peter Hrones.

In just 13 short years Windcraft has grown from a startup company into one of Australia’s largest yacht importers.

Team Windcraft have developed many International contacts and the best marketing and distribution network in Australia.

Peter’s philosophy is simple and highly effective.

He chooses well-designed boats with minimalistic looks and clean, modern lines.  He favours yachts with self-tacking headsails for easy short-handed cruising.  And his team provide excellent customer care and after sales service.

And Buizen’s evolution?…

In recent years, under Steve Howe’s leadership, Buizen has invested in and embraced modern technology.

Mastercraft Marine now use CAD to design every tiny detail of the yachts.  Much of the wood is now cut using specialist routers and large sections of the interior can be assembled on the bench rather than in situ bringing increased efficiency.

Buizen have also included clean, modern lines in the design of the new 52… and a self-tacking headsail.

However, Steve appreciated that to effectively tackle the National and International Markets required more clout.

He approached Team Windcraft and the perfect marriage was formed…

The launch of eyachts is Windcraft’s move into the premium, custom built yacht market.  And Buizen yachts fit perfectly into the portfolio.

eyachts are now the sole National and International distributor for Buizen yachts.

And eyachts can now offer owners who want the best of the best the chance to be demanding and involved with the design and build of their yacht from day one.

Peter is also able to offer consultancy services to Buizen as they work on the final designs of the new Buizen 60.

We can’t wait to see it…