Cabin Fever Cook – Where to Start

Where to Start

Well welcome me hearties. I hope you find these tips and galley secrets, learnt the hard way from an old salt with chef’s apron, useful in your cullinary boating endeavours.

Even before you sail there’s stuff to remember:

Find out and think about these variables before you set sail.

  • Length of the trip
  • Number of crew
  • Galley equipment
  • Storage space
  • Refrigeration space
  • Sea sickness

Many modern craft still rely on blocks of ice for refrigeration, so follow the general rule of the tea clipper galley:

  • Use dried, salted, tinned or preserved foods.
  • Buy correct quantities but in portioned amounts. Several small tins of baked beans as against one large one that begins to deteriorate on opening.

Don’t waste refrigeration space or risk food poisoning by thoughtless planning….perishable foods MUST stay cold!

Remember, preserved foods are safe to eat at room temperature without cooking. Heavy weather may force you to eat out of tins.

Write out a menu plan for each day away.

Calculate the quantities of ingredients required for each meal, times the number of crew.

Apply the list of variables and guidelines whilst deciding on the menu and, then again when deciding on the food order.

Allow one or more days for emergency depending on length of journey.

Allow one day extra prior to departure for supply or quality problems.


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