Cocktail Party Canapes, Finger Food & Hor’dourves for Boats & Yachts

Canapes & Finger Food on a Cabin Fever Cook cruise in Capri

Ciao voi tutti – that’s my usual “Howdy folks” in Italian.

This time round I’ve been thinking about canapés.  These include those little things on cocktail sticks and discs or squares of toast that you serve at parties or celebrations with drinks.

These can be served on board.

And I recall a memorable cruise around the Isle of Capri recently….

The canapés were ‘just right’ and the views a delight.

They were served to all the right galley ‘rules’ for hygiene, balance and presentation.

Here they are:

  • Keep it simple
  • Have no more than four varieties (you can do up to six ashore, but a galley is short on cold storage space).
  • Keep the ingredients refrigerated or below 4 degrees Celsius until the last minute.
  • Assemble them in relays, no more than two varieties to each serving tray/plate.
  • Allow two of each variety per guest with 2 or 3 spares.
  • Make sure that the varieties feature a choice of four different distinct ingredients.  Garnishes can be similar but arranged differently.
  • Cut neatly, arrange simply and serve quickly.

The reasons for speed are freshness and hygiene.

Flies like tasty food too.  They fly in to enjoy your bounty when backs are turned.  They leave behind viruses and bacteria.  These thrive at warm temperature.  Your galley may be clean, but where have the flies been?

Now, bearing the easy rules in mind, here are some canapé recipes to try.

Smoked Tuna Crostini with Garlic & Horseradish Aioli

Oysters with two dressings

Crostini with Prosciutto, Goat’s Cheese, Roasted Capsicum & Basil Pesto

Plain sailing…



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