Change the way you think about props

It used to be that three-bladed propellers were for speed and four blades were for holding and acceleration.

The Spitfire’s unique design changes that forever– it’s the ultimate performance four-blade aluminium propeller.

The Spitfire’s aggressive blade design uses features borrowed from Mercury’s hugely popular Fury and Enertia props, so that on the water it provides incredible holding in the turns and eye-watering acceleration.

With high rake angles, a large blade area and reduced diameter, the Spitfire is something special. In fact, it actually has the same top speed as the Black Max but with 25% quicker acceleration.

Mercury created the Spitfire especially for boaters with mid-range (40-60hp) outboards. However with these results, Mercury now intends to spread this technology across other horsepower ranges.

Coming soon will be Spitfire propellers specifically designed for 75-125hp and 25-30hp range engines.

With the industry’s largest and best range of props – more than 700 in all – Mercury Marine is No. 1 in the world for propellers.