Changes for jet boats on Sydney Harbour

Changes for jet boats on Sydney Harbour
Changes to the Code of Conduct covering harbour jet boats or so called “commercial adventure vessels” will increase the distance they have to keep from Sydney Ferries, Ports and Waterways Minister Joe Tripodi announced today.
After a safety review by the State’s boating regulator, NSW Maritime, the revised Code includes a requirement that jet boats keep at least 500m from ferries when doing ‘power manoeuvres’.
Under the previous Code first introduced in 2003, the distance was 200m.
Mr Tripodi said jet boats had become increasingly popular over recent years to the point where there are now five companies operating a total of ten craft on Sydney Harbour.
“These changes aren’t about spoiling the thrill of a jet boat experience, they’ll just make it safer for everyone and minimise the disturbance of other harbour users.
“Masters of Commercial Adventure Vessels will now be required to read the Code and attest to understanding their obligations. 

“The speed of these boats and their radical manoeuvres make it necessary to restrict the areas in which they operate. It is also necessary to apply special conditions to their conduct, manner of navigation and operation,” Mr Tripodi said.
Compliance with the Code of Conduct is a condition of each vessel’s certificate of survey to operate on Sydney Harbour.
When conducting ‘irregular or power manoeuvres’, operators of power boats must also:

• Remain 100m from any fixed object or structure; and
• Remain 200m from any other vessel or person in the water.
President of the Commercial Vessel Association of NSW, Anthony Howarth, said the code had been amended after full consultation with adventure boat operators.