Chicken & Vegetable Soup

Serves 6-8


1 kg lovely legs chicken legs
3 x onions
1 large bunch of celery
2 cloves garlic
2 large carrots
1 cabbage
2 corn on the cobs
Salt and pepper
2 tbs stock powder – chicken or vegetable


Step 1 – boil a large pot of water, add chopped garlic, add quartered onions, add 2 chopped celery sticks, add stock powder, salt &pepper, add lovely legs – boil for 2 hours – then refrigerate overnight

Step 2 – skim fat from top of soup, shred meat from bone, and then add meat and stock (will be jelly like) to half a pot of boiled water, gradually add all vegetables, keep on high heat for 2-3 hrs adding salt & pepper as needed, and adding water as needed

Serve with hot crusty bread and enjoy!!!

Supplied by A. Christopher